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Investee: Devnet Limited

Technology integration... Business processes... Customer relationships... Corporate strategy... Human resources... Few companies can do all of these seamlessly. This is where Devnet comes in: offering unique advice and practical solutions and services to help businesses run better. Founded in 2000, Devnet began with imaging and archiving solution “ProSearcher”. Four years later Devnet released the first document management solution of the country “DocuDEX”. Since that time, it has continued to build an impressive client portfolio through its reputation for innovation, with strengths in high-speed document processing, as well as imaging, image quality, data capture, and intelligent character recognition technologies.

Today, Devnet has evolved into Bangladesh's one of the leading service provider dedicated in helping organizations streamline their document centric business processes with workflow applications, document management, web content management and record management for organizations seeking to drive efficiency.

In today's hyper-competitive business environment, focusing on core competencies and depending on experts for other critical capabilities is the smart choice. When it comes to turning paper documents into powerful information that can speed up response time, improve productivity, enhance your revenues, and give your company a competitive edge, nobody has more experience than Devnet.

Devnet offers BPO services for a wide variety of business applications, including, document imaging and archiving, invoice processing, inbound mail automation, application forms, data capture etc.—with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) as standard. Devnet also constantly updates clients with executive dashboard information, and completes analysis and reporting of key performance indicator (KPI) metrics.

Among the significant benefits Devnet offers to its client, some are cost efficiency, reduced business risk, enhanced customer service, and improved business intelligence. Devnet is committed to provide the best value service maintaining high quality at the best price.

By empowering consistent communication, Devnet's customers experience new cost efficiencies, faster and efficient work flows, enhanced revenue opportunities, rapid response to change and advanced customer service and satisfaction. Devnet’s business philosophy is based on building long-term, collaborative relationships – consistently providing business value to clients and driving opportunity for its employees.

With the Investment from SEAF, Devnet has been able to support its growth in a rapid paced environment promoting innovation, and custom business solutions for its clients. Best of all, as a major imaging service provider and state of art document imaging equipment supplier, Devnet is uniquely positioned to offer the latest technology without passing along the costs of equipment and software upgrades.


URL: www.devnetlimited.com

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