What We Do

Investment Criteria

As an investor SEAF usually looks for certain characteristics in its prospective investees. SEAF is there to support those companies that make the right fit. However, SEAF is not hesitant to invest in Great Ideas! We encourage entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.


Investment Criteria

Target Investee Profile

Legal Status

Private Limited Company

Financing Requirement

BDT 20 mm to BDT 77 mm

Total Project Size

BDT 50 mm to BDT 400mm

Revenue (Actual / Pro Forma)

BDT 100 mm to BDT 600mm

Cash Flow

Fulfill 1.5x mandatory investment service requirements within 2-3 years

Years of Operation

1-5 years


Start up (ready for roll-out), Early, Growth / Expansion

Use of Funds

Capital expenditures, market / business development, working capital


Information Technology, Agro, Clean/ Renewable Energy, Services, Manufacturing, Exports etc.

Environmental & Social

Compliant or willing to be compliant (with SEAF support) with IFC ESG Guidelines

Alternate Sources of Finance

Unable to access banks for 100% of funding requirement for various reasons


Maintains (or is willing to maintain, with SEAF support) proper books of accounts

Management Capacity

Strong domain knowledge, relevant experience, growth potential, transparent


Coachable, transparent, reputable, requisite capital and time commitment

Corporate Governance

Maintains (or is willing to maintain, with SEAF support) effective and transparent corporate governance system



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