What We Do

Our Location

SEAF does not have any geographical restrictions. SEAF encourages entrepreneurs from all over Bangladesh and is committed in providing best possible technical, strategic business assistance services to them along with providing a financing solution.

In Bangladesh, SEAF has marked its footprint in:

  • Dhaka
  • Gazipur
  • Sirajganj
  • Khulna

SEAF is actively considering more regions under its coverage.





SEAF’s Global Footprints


SEAF has marked its footprint in 26 countries with nearly 399 investments. With SEAF’s global footprint it can assist and share its experience with the investee companies in a unique way than others.

Continent Countries


Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam


Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia

Latin America

Colombia, Peru